Man from Benidorm, Atreiu43, seeking a woman

Man 43 yo from Benidorm

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Last connected from Spain
I am a:
Benidorm, Alacant, Spain
Phone number:
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67 kg 
Eyes Color:
Brown Eyes 
Hair Color:
A little gray 
Personal Life
Marital status:
I am Divorced & I look for a relationship 
In my own words:

De imi gasesc jumatatea,am sa ma dau in leagan si strig iuuuhuuuuu,iuuuuhuuuuu
Ce a ce nu cred ca am sa mai ajung sa strig de yuuuhuuuu

No smoking 
Have kids:
1, Yes - one child 
Want (more) kids:
Not sure if I want 
Astrological sign:
A person:
ambitious, persevering, educated, respectful, optimistic, positive, romantic, tender, calm, balanced, sense of humor, family oriented, dynamic, active, efficient, correct, altruist, trustfull 
Crafts, Dancing, Dining, Family, Gardening, Health / Fitness, Listening to music, Playing music, Movies, Playing sports, Reading, Television, Travel, Shopping, Drawing 
Professional life
High school grad 
Laborer, Manufacturing 
English, Spanish 
Look for a serious relationship
I'm looking for:
a woman 
How your partener should be:

Simtita,serioasa si correcta k si mn. Na ca am ziso. Waaaaw. Tre sa scriu mai mult.ok.era o data un mos Care era Sarac lipit pamantului dar ce sa decís a este mosh Batman cu coitzele n san. Sa decis sa intre in parlamentul romaniei si sa inbogatit peste noapte k si tot i parlamentari. Dar cn era mosh perpelea era decat unul p nume kkt si prenume dragnea. E bn asa?va pup asa obosit si trist cum sant si traiasca romania fara parlamentari. Ete asa vreau eu

The age I'm looking for:
From 30 To 40 years old.
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, a single man 43 years old, from Benidorm, Spain?
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