Affiliate program

Promote Matrimo - Earn commissions

We have helped thousands of men and women create authentic, committed, lasting relationships with one another. At MATRIMO we aim to establish mutually beneficial, lasting relationships – not just with our users, but with our advertising partners as well. Become our affiliate and earn commissions on every sale you refer to our matchmaking agency.

How does it work?

Become a today an affiliate advertising partner in marketing relationships and earn a percentage of leads or sales generated through your campaign! When you join our affiliate program, you will be provided with a unique affiliate link. You can post your personal affiliate link on your blog, website, forum, on Facebook and elsewhere. Pay attention: you are not allowed to put your referral link on adult or illegal websites. We do not offer recurring commissions yet.

Our affiliate program is free to join, easy to sign-up and requires no technical knowledge on your side. When someone clicks on your link, they will be brought to our dating website and their activity will be tracked by our professional affiliate software.

  • What you get - You will earn a commission of 15% of the total sale amount, min. 67 USD and up to 252 USD per sale. Our fees vary between 100 - 1500 Euro.
  • When you get - 30 days after purchase, after minimum 2 purchases and when you have minimum 100 USD in your affiliate account.
  • How we pay - We are using Paypal or Western Union for payouts.

Affiliate program benefits

  • Signing up is free!
  • High Conversions Rates
  • Real time reporting
  • Expert Tracking and Support
  • High and prompt payouts

Join our affiliate program!

Signup now. When you refer someone to our matchmaking website with your unique referral ID, a cookie is placed on their computer containing this ID. So even if they make a purchase at a later time you will still receive the commission. We are working to improve your affiliate experience in personal dating business and help our affiliates become more productive as well. Do you new questions? Send us a feedback and we will replay with pleasure.