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Man 41 yo from Zurich

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Zurich, Zürich, Switzerland
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80 kg 
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Green Eyes 
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Dark brown 
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I am Single & I look for a relationship 
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Cetatean elvetian, educat, studii si munca in guvernul Elvetiei, cariera de succes dar imi doresc sa intemeiez o familie frumoasa, caut jumatatea in vederea casatoriei , sa avem despre ce comunica. VIN in ROMANIA pe 15 iunie la Bucuresti.

Obs: Pentru a fi pusa in contact cu Bruno in mod Gratuit, inscrieti-va pe site si Contactati-l sau trimiteti poze si detalii despre dvs pe Whatsup la numarul agentiei 0740800800.

No smoking 
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Without kids 
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Yes, I want kids 
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A person:
educated, respectful, optimistic, positive, romantic, tender, sense of humor, family oriented, altruist, trustfull 
Arts, Dining, Gardening, Travel, Help, Advise, Shopping, Politics & Economy 
Professional life
College grad 
English, German 
Look for a serious relationship
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Romantica, sensibila dar practica, zvelta, educata daca se poate bruneta, sa isi doreasca familie si copii, sa i placa natura, calatoriile, shoppingul si viata in doi. Varsta cautata intre 27-32 ani, maxim 34. Nu este nevoie sa munceasca dar daca vrea poate sa faca diverse cursuri pentru a nu se plictisi. Detin locuinta langa Zurich si caut o domnisoara care sa fie langa mine, zvelta, rafinata, prefer bruneta dar asta nu este o conditie, si educata.

Please contact the agency responsible to 0740 800 800, please meet him for a personal discussion. I want to avoid fake profiles and do not want waste my time, that is why you should meet him first for 15 minutes. He will take new pictures and send to me. If the responsible will consider you are an authentic single nice person, I will be pleased to come in Romania and meet you in Bucharest. I do not Login on the website regulary because I am quite busy man, the reason why I hired a matchmaking agency to do this personalized research for me. Thank you.

The age I'm looking for:
From 27 To 32 years old.
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