I'm 100% sure after much research that I want to meet my wife from Moldova or Romania. I've heard you ars a great matchmaking agency. Simply put, I'm emailing you first to ensure your site is real and staffed by experienced matchmakers.

I'm looking for a Romanian woman because I speak some Romanian. Also, I want to go to Moldova or Romania and volunteer for 30-90 days while I search for my bride and learn Romanian much better. I speak Spanish, so it shouldn't be that hard to learn to speak Romanian!

Romania is much more accessible than Ukraine or Russia. I want to emphasize that I'm specifically looking for a Romania speaking woman for a very good reason. I think that communication in my future wife's native language is essential for things to work out. So, perhaps I'll take Romania lessons and rent an apartment while I look for a good match for me.

I am 41. I don't want marry a very young woman. She must be over 30!! And under 45! Besides that, while I want her to be beautiful and feminine and thin, I would be willing to marry a average looking woman who takes good care of herself and wears high heels and skirts. I like very feminine women, but I want a assertive personality possessed with a lot of intelligence. And, I'm perfect willing to marry a lady that has two children or less.

Since your dating agency will be my matchmaker, I think it's essential we talk on the phone or Skype regarding something as important as my future wife.

One other thing that's very important :I want a lady who is, like me, a member of the Orthodox Church. I am a practicing member and only want to marry a Orthodox woman. I'm not that religious but I go to church about twice a month and for feasts. I don't usually fast on Wednesdays and Fridays. But, I have an important relationship with Christ, Our Lord and Maria, the Mother of God! May she save us all.

My father confessor is a Romanian priest and I used to attend a Romanian parish. It would be a great place for my future wife to make friends when she moves here to Minnesota, in United States.

I know a lot about Romania and Moldova. Mostly from books and interacting with Romanians at the Romanian church I used to attend. I love Romanian food, and cook Mici sometimes! I feel like I have a calling to volunteer and learn Romanian and find my wife in Romania or Moldova.

I know Moldova is very poor and I could give a very happy life yo a Romanian woman from Moldova, especially. I would get a fiancée visa for her and being her here in about 6 - 9 months. Then we would get married civilly and later on have a church wedding. I know all about how you ask permission from parents to marry a woman in Romania! I'm quite familiar with your customs. I would assume her family would want to come to our wedding in North America if possible, of course.

Please quote back to me ASAP. I want to talk to one of your matchmakers before I formally sign up on cupidon.ro/en and before I pay money for this personalized dating service. This is a big decision.

Thank You, and God Bless,



PS from Cupidon office: We received this letter from a single American citizen who is looking for a beautiful bride in East European countries, especially in Romania and Moldova. We liked his honnest letter and we prefered to post it here to be read by hundreds East European single women. If you are a nice woman from Romania and Moldova who could fit to this description, please countact us here on our matchmaking agency website or by phone +40-740-800-800 and we will analyse your request. If we will consider that your profile corresponds to his criteria, we will put you in touch with him.

Thank you.