Many foreign man, look for single european women , for long term relationship and marriage. Do you know why ?

For different reasons as : most of european women are not fat, they are independent, they are family oriented, and more !

Most of Single man are coming from poor countries as Iraq, Pakistan, South Africa, India, Brazil, Egypt, Nigeria. They look for marriage with european women, in order to get legal papers and ID cards in Europe. They look for a better life in Europe. Unfortunately that kind of men, pervert the marriage sense and reason. Marriage become just a way to get legal stay in Europe. For them, Love is not the condition of marriage. Our dating agency do not provide such kind of dating services.

European women are beautiful women, most of them. They are modern women. But there is a difference of culture between european countries, it is not like in United States. A Russian woman or Romanian woman is different by a german or a italian woman. It depends very much also by their study level, their job and the economical situation in their country.




  • Many single European women are Independent, they desire to get some life outside their love relationship. On the other hand American women desire to do things  as a family.
  • Most single European women like to live financially responsible, they prefer to pay for their own dinner. In United States, women expect that men buy gifts and pay dinner for them.
  • European single women like to be healthy, to have an active lifestyle. Single european women go to the gym, biking and walking. Otherway many single American women do not have as healthy lifestyle as European women do. Unfortunately, single men who married single American women, after their marriage, they gained weight... blaming it on childbirth and American fast food. European wifes, after child birth they back to their previous weight because of their healthy lifestyle. A friend said :" Most of European women (25years +) take better care of themselves, they dress better and are more enjoyable to be around than  American women. Women from America (especialy after theu get married) typically get fat and stop caring what they look like. So physical attraction slow down ! You can immediately recognize an European woman in my office even before they say anything, just by the way they carry themselves and dress. Maybe I'm shallow but I appreciate the effort that European women put into their physical appearance. "
  • In most of the European countries couples living together and  having sex before marriage, it is common. That can be great because you get to know what it is to marry someone, so no surprises. Men noticed that in America making love before marriage is a taboo.  Christian churces  consider that as a sin if men and women live together or have sexual activity before they form a family. We wonder how single people could make a lifetime commitment before testing their feeling..., in other words : what they are getting into. Marriage arrives usually after at leats six month of living together, in the most of European countries (France, Germany, Belgium, Romania, Russia, Italy, Spain, Greece ans so on ).

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